Inlay on marble by hand and processing of colored stones



The aim of the course is to provide adequate knowledge at Level I so as to make the participant autonomous with respect to a work of medium technical difficulty in the field of manual marble processing applied to the inlay.



Subjects who have successfully passed the last year of the Academy of Fine Arts in sculpture on marble or have a good experience in the field.



Theoretical knowledge of hand-forged chisels: denominations, forging, rolling, use.

Theoretical knowledge of industrial chisels: denominations, rolling, use.

Analysis and selection of the solid marble according to the needs of the building to be built.

Design of the artefact to be made on the selected solid marble.

Practical knowledge of hand-forged and industrial chisels.

Creation of the “cassina” with hand and industrial chisels.

Choice of colored stones inherent to the artefact.

Shaping colored stones for insertion into the cassina.

Hand polishing of the squared surface.

On the basis of the individual answers that the students will give to the teacher’s requests, the contents of the lessons can be modified, in a non-substantial way, but enough to allow a correct development of them.


Location of the lessons:

The lessons will take place in the workshop of M ° Marmoraro with the use, where necessary, of the equipment of the same.



Il M° Marmoraro Riccardo Civitella.

It may, if the case requires it and at its discretion, be assisted by other professors of the University of Marmorari in Rome.



80 hours in total to be distributed in 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday for two weeks.


Class timetable:

From 8.00 to 13.00

From 15.00 to 18.00

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