The objective of the course is to provide the participants with the necessary cognitive tools for the construction of a Roman pavement, of a simple type, according to the ancient techniques of this process that distinguish it for its uniqueness.



The course is aimed at workers, technicians and employers who deal with paving and who want to specialize in this original and historic type of work. The course is also aimed at all those who intend to approach this type of activity of ancient connotation.



The course will be structured in several stages during which these specific topics will be addressed:

  • Theoretical-practical knowledge of the material, the technical characteristics of the flint, its workings and the type of elements.
  • Theoretical knowledge of the historical evolution of the pavements of Roman roads: techniques and prescriptions.
  • Theoretical-practical knowledge of the laying of a paving: preparation of the ground.
  • Theoretical-practical knowledge of the laying of a paving: weaving.
  • Theoretical-practical knowledge of the laying of a pavement: the beating.
  • Theoretical-practical knowledge of the installation of special paving stones.


The lessons will take place regarding the theory at the headquarters of M ° Marmoraro and for practice always at the same location and on site.



M ° Marmoraro Elio Palombo is a specialist teacher, who can be supported by other University professors or by external collaborators accredited for theoretical lessons.



The training course includes a total commitment of 70 hours of training. Three days related to theoretical knowledge with the following timetable:
8.00 / 13.00 (for a total of 15 hours of lessons)
Eleven days of practical training and construction with the following schedule: 8.00 / 13.00 (for a total of 55 hours of lessons)

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