Antonio Chinchay


He was born in Lima, Peru, on October 1, 1976.

He first studied at the Centro Educativo 117 in Lima and then continued his secondary level at the Politecnico Nacional de Varones del Callao where, in addition to classical subjects, he studied carpentry, technical drawing and metalworking.

In the following years he deepened his artistic drawing, while working as a designer in a furniture and educational setting up company. He later worked in a restoration workshop where he had the opportunity to put into practice the studies carried out in previous years and to obtain experience in cabinet making, painting and wood carving.

In 2002 he moved to Italy. During his first years he lived first in Rome and then in Tivoli, near Villa d’Este.

He worked in building as a bricklayer and installer

In 2012 he enrolled at the school Nicola Zabaglia in the course of Plastic Techniques and Modeling, where his teachers were Antonella Conte and Claudio Valenti.

In 2014 he enrolled in the course of Techniques for marble sculpture, where his teachers were Otello Scatolini and Riccardo Civitella.

In 2017 he was admitted to the Università dei Marmorari as a member.