Armando Civitella


Armando Civitella was born in Rome on 20 January 1974. His father Severino and his grandfather Augusto introduced him from an early age to the family workshop, directing him towards stonemasonry. Since the young age, thanks to the numerous visits to the marble quarries of Carrara, he learned to love marble and its working techniques.

During his studies to become a surveyor, Armando continued to go to the family workshop in his spare time. At the age of 16, he made his first marble veneer table under the guidance of his father. He then learned all the techniques for working marble and the secrets of becoming a stonemason.

Always curious and hungry for knowledge, Armando Civitella enrolled in the School of Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the Università degli Studi della Tuscia, in Viterbo, the only one in Italy at the time. He graduated there in 2002. Thanks to the teachings received, he is able to combine traditional marble working techniques with modern scientific and chemical knowledge of restoration and innovation. He acquired his scientific knowledge via his professional and friendly relationship with Professor Michele Cordaro, director of the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro) Central Institute for Restoration, Professor Colalucci, Professor Nazzareno Gabrielli, Professor Pio Baldi, Professor Daniela Gallavotti, the artist Ugo Attardi and many other master craftsmen and stonemasons. From each of them he learned little secrets that allowed him to refine his technique.

Among the many work experience over the years, it is worth mentioning various stone consultations and many restorations carried out in churches, bridges and palaces of Rome and Lazio, on behalf of both private individuals and public bodies and institutes.

From the early 2000’s his father introduced him to Rome’s Università dei Marmorari, founded in 1406, now a cultural association.