Elio Palombo


He was born in Sant’ Elia Fiumerapido, in the province of Frosinone, Italy, on October 30th 1962. After getting a diploma in surveying, he moved to Rome, where he began working as a manual labourer on construction sites. There he became passionate about the work of flint and precious materials (marble, slate and travertine among others) for the production of flooring, an activity with millenary tradition that comes directly from ancient Rome.

Thanks to the experience obtained in the years of work by observing the old Roman floor layers, in 1991 he founded the artisan firm Palombo Elio, which then became Aedil Urbe S. r. l., a company that has been working for over twenty years with cobblestones and other refined materials. The ever-increasing knowledge of materials and the experience gained through the realisation of public works have led the company to excel, among other things, in the construction and maintenance of ancient road pavements, restoration of real estate properties under protection and renovation of historic town centers, while at the same time focusing on all the related primary urbanisation works. Among the works carried out over the years, it is worth mentioning the redevelopment of many streets and squares in the centre of Rome (e.g. Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Piazza dell’Orologio, Piazza del Gesù, etc.), as well as of historical centres in various towns in Lazio (e.g. Nettuno or Oriolo Romano).

Strongly convinced of the importance of passion in his work and the handing down of knowledge from generation to generation of such an ancient art, he joined the Università dei Marmorari in 2014 thanks to his friendship with Vincenzo Becci.