Francesco Frioli


Born in Rome on 14 June 1982 and son of the architect Giustino Frioli, the secretary of the Università dei Marmorari, Francesco Frioli graduated with full marks and honours in Architecture and Restoration at Università di Roma Tre in 2007, with a thesis entitled: “Hypothesis of recovery of the beauty of the Vatican village: Completion of the lot of Palazzo Brancolino dell’Aquila by Raffaello and the Bernini colonnade of San Peter”. In 2007, he obtained his professional qualification and started to work with professional firms.

In 2009 he obtained a scholarship for the School of specialisation in architectural and landscape heritage for the study and restoration of monuments at Università La Sapienza in Rome. As part of his studies, for the course in Museography, he designed the project for the Museum of Rome’s Università dei Marmorari, to be realised at the Castle of Cecchignola. He graduated in January 2013 with a thesis in Museography and a project about the creation of the Museum of Roman Marble-working Art to be realised at the former Municipal Antiquary of Celio, in Rome.

Passionate about the art of working marble and following a tradition that has been part of his family for generations, Francesco Frioli began to approach the Università dei Marmorari attending the meetings of the organisation. He recently became a member with the title of “Expert in the field.” Together with his father Giustino, Francesco is creating a book dedicated to the history of Rome’s Università dei Marmorari.