Gabriela F. Bove


Gabriela F. Bove was born in Sicily, but considers herself to be Roman, since she has lived in Rome since 1978.

She has always shown her creative identity, which she tries to convey in her own unique way, through a seemingly endless research.

She attended an artistic high school and under the wise guidance of the artist Ugo Sartoris she began to grow a deep passion for sculpture and goldsmithing. She was not fully dedicated to these arts until a few years later, during which she worked as a restorer of marble frescoes and monuments in Naples and studied set design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

In 1994, she moved for some years to Florence, where she studied the chiseling and repoussage techniques. During these years she also began to design and make jewels.

Later she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in the sculpture class of master Bruno Liberatore, finally giving concrete form to her inventive creativity.

In 2003 she became interested in the art of direct engraving through the use of a burin. This engraving technique is particularly congenial to her and in close relationship with goldsmithing.

The analysis of the processes that generate the creative act and the infinite languages connected to it led her to deepen her studies and to obtain a degree in Historical-Artistic Studies at the Università “La Sapienza” in Rome.

In recent years, the keen interest in marble sculpture has found a concrete dimension, through a training on the techniques of marble-working under the guidance of Riccardo Civitella and the sculptor Otello Scatolini.