Jürg Martin Van Moos


Born in Malans, Switzerland, on 26 July 1947, Jürg Martin Van Moos approached the art world with an apprenticeship in graphic design in Zurich in the late 1960s. He then moved to London in 1970, where he began working as a sculptor, mainly with wood and ivory. In 1971 he moved to Rome, where he settled down definitively, working as a sculptor of jewels and specialising in precious stones and antique marble.

Working closely with the goldsmith master Virgilio Mortet, he refined the fundamental techniques of cutting and chiseling. In the meantime he began to show his works in a series of exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland and Greece. In 1985, together with his wife Francesca, an expert facet cutter, he opened a professional cutting workshop of precious stones and began to collaborate with the most important Italian and international jewelers. During this time, he continued to create his own jewels, inspired by the most ancient traditions.

After meeting Riccardo Civitella, with whom he shares a deep passion for materials and stone working techniques, in the early 2000s he joined the Università dei Marmorari.