Gianluca Napoleoni


Born in 1969, Gianluca Napoleoni inherited from his father Carlo the wisdom and passion in working marble and stone. Founded in 1959, Napoleoni Marmi, the family business, celebrated its fifty years of activity in 2009 and it still carries on its international activity from its headquarters in Tivoli, Italy. In 1997 Gianluca took over from his father, becoming the sole administrator of the family company, which is specialised in all aspects of stone processing, from interior design to funerary art, through the creation of bas-reliefs and other works of art for private and public clients. He put his experience at the disposal of religious institutes, international organisations, public bodies and large commercial groups.

Over the years, Napoleoni Marmi has carried out important restoration works for prestigious places of interest such as the Spanish Steps in Rome, the church of Navicella, also in the Italian capital, the Convent of Farfa and the Sanctuary of Quintiliolo in Tivoli. The business has also brought its expertise around the world: Germany, United States, the Principality of Monaco, Africa and the Arab Emirates. Among the monumental works realised by Napoleoni we can remember the memorial dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini in Ostia and the imposing monument to national pacification (the so-called “Gladio”) in Crotone.

Following in the footsteps of his father, who has been a member since 1987, Gianluca Napoleoni joined the Università dei Marmorari thanks to the friendship and passion that bind him to the other members with the objective of perpetuating the tradition of marble working.